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Dare to win Ave, St. Andrew, , , Jamaica


12 Months 24 Dares Wellness 2019 is a wellness initiative that assists persons to form healthy habits through 24 dares (12 nutrition and 12 fitness dares), a close-knit wellness community of persons who share the same goals and partnerships with wellness entities.  
Register NOW for #12months24dares2019. For only $10,000 for the year you get:
✔ 24 dares to help you kick ass and develop healthy habits
✔ Discounts on #wellnesspartners carefully chosen to assist you on this journey
✔ A community of dare-ees who are behind you 110%
✔ Free monthly classes taught by our #wellnesspartners
✔ Weekly and monthly check-ups by our team
✔ Combination of tips, webinars, videos and recipes to help you conquer your dares
✔ Incentive programs to sweeten the why
Spaces are limited. Payment plans available. Email us at 12months24dares@gmail.com for more information. 
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USD $ 100