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Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Westmoreland Parish, , Jamaica


[WETT WEEKEND] It's going to be an extremely wet weekend this Easter.

Ladies pack your suitcase with all your hot bikinis and enjoy the little paradise in Negril.
3 days of beautiful beaches, pool decks and slippery events.

April 20 (2pm - 8pm): Dirty Crush: Check into the ultra-premium all-inclusive white pool party.

April 20 (10pm - 4am): Island Jovert: Get wild and painted with the colors of soca on the white sands of Negril.

April 21 (11am - 4pm): Munch: Rise up and join us for brunch on the beautiful cliffs; vibes, mingle or take a dive.

April 21 (6pm - 12am): 100 Proof: Reach your climax and get soaking wet from our super soakers and water slides.

April 22 (2pm - 7pm): Floats on the Beach: Grab your floats and your crew and let's close out floating wet.

• Your Easter should never be dry.

Admission: Early Bird - USD $90.00 | General: USD $110.00
2 Food Inclusive | 4 Drink inclusive | 1 igloo

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USD $ 110

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