Testimonial 2

For years we (Syndicate Events) had to sell tickets through physical hubs, that weren’t able to and/or choose not to facilitate credit or debit card transactions form our patrons for the purchase of tickets. I was introduced to Firstinlineja.com by a friend, as an online ticketing solution who’s main method of collection was via Credit & Debit card transaction #ProblemSolved #MatchMadeInHeaven. Firstinlineja.com not only gave us another method of collection, but they’ve also opened up another method to reach potential patrons… And MOST IMPORTANTLY; they have made it very easy for our patrons to gain access to our tickets, as its only a ‘click’ away, remotely from any location in the world! Commendations to the hard working Firstinlineja.com team for always being on hand at our events to ensure the ‘will-call’ process is seamless.

I (Garfield Wedderburn) have, and will continue to, recommend the use of Firstinlineja.com as my preferred online ticketing solution.