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Fundraiser for Karen Aneita Gaynair M.D. I no longer work since December 2012 because of disability. I had spinal cord surgery to remove an Arachnoid Cyst that made the thoracic spinal cord stuck. The cord still has a part that is stuck or tethered at T4. Spinal cord fusion with metal in the thoracic spine, reflex sympathetic dystrophy or complex regional pain syndrome. I also have gastroparesis, fibromyalgia all cause burning pains all day at rest. These are nerve conditions affecting my sleep and everyday activities. Pains worse with activities. I need help with everyday chores, food preparation, taking care of my hygiene like combing hair, help with feet and laundry care for my child as bending is taking a toll on me. Driving causes severe pain so I need funds to hire a driver to help avoid the headaches and pain. Poor appetite prevents me from eating well so I need someone to cook and make sure I eat or funds to buy protein meal replacements which I prefer over meals. I need a home in a, warm place as the weather in Florida and even in Jamaica has been causing me to get sick. I get tremors, muscle spasms, the muscle jumping in my arms, legs, butt, face, tingling in my arms and legs, sweaty palms, redness in the skin, nausea. I need less stressors around me to hopefully heal up. Still looking for help to even go to mayo Minnesota or Cuba for research. Need help to get therapy in any way to heal. Money to travel, lodging, medicine, helper, driver, doctors fees and whatever expenses affiliated with continued medical care.

Please donate and join me to celebrate my Birthday

April 04, 2018 | Bambooze Negril, JA | ADM: $1000.00

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